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Project Passion
September 14, 2009, 8:26 am
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I seem to have lost the love in my project. Whilst there is still a big need to resolve many design problems, it seems to be that I need to take my projects back to the roots of last semester. remember why i am doing this, find that passion and forget about trying to produce eye candy objects. but with 4 weeks to go i am at a loose end……post, to be continued


CAD time is upon me….
September 12, 2009, 1:43 am
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This week has been productive. Whilst playing around in solid works I think I have resolved a few problems material wise. Silicon is going to be a big new player in my design. The flexibility of it as well as it gripping abilities has bought to the table many more possibilities. My biggest Things is mixture of materials as this with metal has seem to come up looking complimentary to then metal around it, it gives it playfulness but still has some classiness to it.

Second to this thinking about the cutlery set. The way I set it out the grip is the same on every piece, so for the knifes, forks and spoons I think I will come up with a universal silicon grip that will attach to ALL existing sets. The nature of the material means if i make the slot for the cutlery small enough it will stretch over and hold due to girth and static reaction against metal and the silicon its self. This means parents can attach it to there existing utensils and also allows me to enter into disability and aged care design as it can be used in the same theory adding onto their all ready existing equipment. Especially with elderly people as things such as arthritis in the hands it allows for a sturdy grip with out having small movement that is un-achievable, the silicon meaning it can stretch over the knobbly parts of their fingers that also occurs with this disease.

Just a few outcomes so far that have occurred when laying out things in the good old computer screen.

Approaching Mid Semester
August 24, 2009, 7:35 am
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I have not posted anything in the last few weeks but I have tried to spend these past 14 days or so exploring possibilities rather than spending wasted time worrying about moving forward. It was what I have always labelled as moving side ways but in hindsight has been the best method for moving forward so far. I think all in all I have gotten results that I have become happy about and would not have achieved if I had not taken on this role.

Exploring the “potato masher” with out trying to cover two much ground has allowed me to not just scratch the surface but also get a little bit deeper. From this inevitably I have come up with a so-called new “jester” in the way to tackle this task. I have now been able to take this discovery and apply it to other objects. (Currently looking at patient)

At further thought I have taken this and now taken the first literal step forward by setting up boundaries and parameters for what I want to achieve. I shall choose 5 utensils/tools for the kitchen that I will manipulate so that I can apply this jester to them.

Second to this as a personal desire I aim to apply a similar theory to casting a set of cutlery, which will consist of a knife, a spoon, a fork and a teaspoon.

The list of utensils is as follows….
1. Masher
2. Rolling Pin
3. Sieve
4. Wisk
5.Wooden spoon
Number 5 has of late had a habit of changing, as I am unsure if the way of manipulating it is viable to the intended jester.

In the coming few days it has become evident to me that now brings the task of breaking down the problem. Not to tackle this all at once or even in 5 parts. I need to as talked about previously break these tasks into the smallest ways possible. Ones that are easily achieve able but in the big picture add up to the break through that I am striving for.

I need to set out the unshakeable calendar now that I know what I am doing…

This week….
August 9, 2009, 11:21 am
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This week has been chaotic… being caught up in other tasks allowing them to consume me as this has taken a back seat… as trying to frantically pull together models of potato mashes i realize i am not satisfied with what I have produced, I have beyond doubt not pushed my self enough… I think next week will be a change of method… I may switch to CAD to do quick mock ups in, as it allows me to do variations with out starting from scratch each time.

The next few days i will need to lock in what it is exactly i am going to produce… make a tight list and move on, while others are focusing on form i am still caught up in items.. which is meaning I am loosing precious time in pushing my designs any where… it is time to lock it in and create something worthy. Time to move forward not side ways.

July 30, 2009, 4:34 am
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so after considering utensils all week my biggest problem has been trying to stay away from traditional forms. The hardest part here i have found personally is that while trying to stay away from traditional forms i end up getting so caught up in the notion that every idea has to be super original and different to what im thinking, which leads me to doing so much thinking and very little doing….. i now need to find a method where i can just DO…. just sit and make and not think… i am yet to be able to start this concept but i hope that it is not a far way off….

July 24, 2009, 8:53 am
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My Blog is Officially being re-born. What very little that was here has since been deleted, as i now aim to commit myself to actually being consistent in posting what i am doing, learning and coming across.
To Introduce this blog, I am interested in and currently running a project that is based loosely on sustainable living and being self sustained. Mainly through children both growing and cooking. Looking at ways to involve children in this type of lifestyle which in turn draws in parents as well.

I am Looking at designing low maintenance grow boxes, set up and run by children, self watering and easy to harvest. Second to that I am looking to design a set of child orientated kitchen utensils, ergonomically designed to cater to children aged around 3-12 years old. To set up and instill methods of sustainable ways of living and eating.